Welcome to the Kingdom of Silk!

Now that you have opened our gates, we invite you to indulge in the land of lavish silk creations.
Take your time and discover the world we lay at your feet: seductive, opulent, rich, singular.
Listen carefully to your inner voice and choose that one piece that hushes your senses. Give in to your desires and take what belongs to you.
As you do, be sure that SILKDOM will create one of the kind pieces for you only.

Hand made, dazzling silk clutches that you alone will own.
Hand made silk scarves that will spoil your skin.
Hand made silk jewelries that are going to compliment your beauty.

SILKDOM'S Founders

SILKDOM was envisioned by Madalina Nistor, a passionate pursuitor of good life, luxury and rare possessions. Madalina’s tastes were refined along her countless voyages across the world, restless hours spent on the most extravagant shopping avenues humankind has so far fashioned and by her unparalled love for everything that is rare, striking and highly desirable. Before subduing to her love for silk, Madalina acted as an economic journalist and a communication person for PR Agencies, NGOs and Corporations.


We are a very compatible team of luxury addicts, silk lovers and exigent judges of things. We are bonded to each other by kilometers of gorgeous, voluptuous silk, fervent ideas, statement fashion choices. Our purpose is to give you the keys of a universe governed by the seduction, the sensuality and the mystery embodied by silk.